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J & C Transport, LLC. has been a successful trucking company and is celebrating its 27th year anniversary.


J & C Transport, LLC. provides services to many companies throughout  Utah, Wyoming, Nevada and Idaho and is a privately held company in West Haven, Utah.


Owner, John Faragasso Jr. grew up in the state of New York City. John's parents owned and operated a successful Steak House and John was taught at a young age to be a hard worker.  


John was 20 years old when he started an excavating business. John made a trip to Park City, Utah in 1995 to help out his friends Cark & Joe by supplying them with trucks that would support their construction customers.


John saw an incredible business opportunity located in Utah and also met a beautiful woman whom he married and together they have a son.



Insur-West Inc. has done business with J & C Transport, LLC. for over 10 years.  He is dependable and always gets the job done! Complete Satisfaction!



                                                 Lynn Wood









We’ve known John for almost 3 years and he is a great guy and business owner. He started out as a customer but is now a vendor and a friend. He relies on us to keep his trucks running and we rely on him for many things, one of which is plowing our parking lot. John is dependable, passionate, organized, honest, hardworking, and punctual. He also communicates well, and pays attention to detail.


I would recommend J & C Transport to any business. Give him a shot, and see for yourself!



Heather Rokus

Precision Diesel & Performance



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